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Adrian Mercieca


Adrian has been involved with the NEWCO Group since 2012 when the group decided to setup in Malta. In addition to being Country Manager for Malta, he sits on the Board of the Group companies and deals on a daily basis with clients from a corporate perspective servicing a diverse portfolio. He also sits on the Board of a number of companies as well as acting as Company Secretary. Adrian obtained a Certificate in Banking (Cert. C.I.B.) by the Chartered Institute of Bankers (UK), obtained a Certificate in Trust Law and Management and is currently reading for a Masters in Business Administration.

Miriam Estevez


Miriam is the manager of NEWCO's Madrid office, where she assists both Spanish and Latin American clients prior to their setting up in the jurisdictions where NEWCO operates. She is also in charge of Business Development in both Spain and Latin America, managing existing and new clients from different jurisdictions.

Before joining NEWCO in 2015, Miriam worked in the tax departments of various Spanish companies, as well as at Madrid Municipal Council, assisting clients in tax-related matters. Miriam has a Bachelor's Degree in Economic and Business Law from the University of Vigo and a Master's in Taxation and Tax Consulting from the Centro de Estudios Financieros de Madrid (CEF). She has also taken other advanced courses in International Taxation and Asset Tax Management.

She is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Tiago Gaspar


Tiago is NEWCO's Country Manager for Portugal. He is also responsible for assisting clients in tax, accounting and auditing issues.

Tiago has 17 years of experience in accounting, financial auditing and information technology, having been an Ernst & Young partner, working in Compliance and Forensic Auditing. He has a degree in Business Management, a postgraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and a Master's degree in Business Administration. Tiago is a Certified Auditor, Certified Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner and Compliance Certified Professional.

In addition to his native Portuguese, he is fluent in English and Spanish.

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NEWCO is an inward investment services provider in Portugal and Malta. With 30 years of experience, we are your one stop shop for investment and relocation services in Portugal or Malta.

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