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Our resources are your open online library. You can use them to learn more about various topics, from the operationalization of investments to changing your residence and setting up companies in Portugal or Malta, among many others.

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What are NEWCO Resources?

NEWCO Resources are a set of documents, guides, articles, and tax alerts through which we share our knowledge and our 30-plus years of experience. 

NEWCO Articles

Our team of tax experts and certified accountants regularly writes on various topics, including setting up a company in Portugal and Malta, the advantages of setting up a company in Madeira and the International Business Centre of Madeira (also known as Madeira Free Trade Zone), immigration and moving to Portugal.

Our articles are organized by date (from newest to oldest), by jurisdiction (Madeira, Portugal, or Malta), and by subject (Taxes, Immigration, Residency, Business Creation).

NEWCO Guides

We have over 30 years of experience and it’s our pleasure to share with you everything we’ve learned during that time. To this end, we have put together several guides, which provide in-depth cover of various topics related to investment, taxation and immigration in Portugal and Malta.

As such, our guides fall into three broad categories: Guides about Madeira, Guides about Portugal, and Guides about Malta.

In addition to these, NEWCO has put together some other guides that, although related to Madeira, Portugal, and Malta, do not fit neatly into any of the three categories. These are:

  • The NEWCO Brochure;
  • White Paper on Substance in International Taxation;
  • White Paper on VAT in Triangular Operations;
  • Guide to Investing in Angola.

NEWCO Guides about Madeira

NEWCO was born in Madeira in 1990. As such, we have unrivalled experience and know-how regarding the unique characteristics of this island region of Portugal, and Madeira's potential for international investment. We have several guides about Madeira:

  • Investing in Madeira Brochure;
  • Guide to Living in Madeira;
  • Guide to Holding Companies in Madeira;
  • Guide to Trading in Madeira;
  • Digital Nomads in Madeira Brochure;
  • Substance Requirements for Companies in the International Business Centre of Madeira;
  • Guide to Intellectual Property in Madeira;
  • Guide to Shipping in Madeira.

Read our guides about Madeira.

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NEWCO Guides about Portugal

Although our headquarters are in Funchal, NEWCO provides services throughout Portuguese territory. We have had an office in Lisbon since 2015. Our multidisciplinary team is well-acquainted with the Portuguese tax system, as well as immigration laws in Portugal. This means we are able to be by your side throughout your immigration or investment process in Portugal. We offer several guides about Portugal:

  • Investing in Portugal Brochure;
  • Guide to Living in Portugal;
  • Guide for Non-habitual Residents of Portugal;
  • Guide to Obligations and Duties for Natural Persons in Portugal;
  • Guide to Tax and Contributions for Freelancers in Portugal;
  • Guide to Holding Companies in Portugal;
  • Guide to Trading in Portugal;
  • Guide to Obligations and Duties of Companies in Portugal.

Read our guides about Portugal.

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NEWCO Guides about Malta

NEWCO has a physical presence in Malta, through our offices in Valetta. This allows us to have local knowledge of the Maltese tax landscape and about the advantages that Malta offers international companies. We have the following guides about Malta:

  • Investing in Malta Brochure;
  • Guide to Living in Malta;
  • Guide to Holding Companies in Malta;
  • Guide to Companies Trading in Malta;
  • Guide to Obligations and Duties of Companies in Malta.

Read our guides about Malta.

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