Martim Gouveia e Silva

IT Director

Martim is responsible for NEWCO's entire technical infrastructure, which includes maintaining operations, systems and technical support, and implementing new software and hardware. He is also responsible for identifying vulnerabilities and implementing security-enhancing solutions.

Martim has an IT and Management degree from the Instituto Superior de Gestão, Lisbon. Prior to joining NEWCO, he developed web applications for Electronic Data Systems Portugal. He is a native speaker of Portuguese and is fluent in English.

Marco Gouveia e Silva

IT Department

Marco ensures that the company’s computer networks perform effectively. He is responsible for installing hardware and software and their respective maintenance, for managing the logistics of any computer equipment, providing support for users of the IT systems and ensuring the internal computer network is configured correctly and maintained.

He is qualified in Installation and Maintenance of Computer Networks and Systems. Before joining NEWCO, he held a similar position at SMS Advogados and, later, at Abreu Advogados.

Portuguese is his native language, but he also speaks English and has a basic level of French and Spanish.

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