Setting up a company in Malta

There are several factors that lead a lot of foreign investors to set up companies in Malta. For many reasons, Malta is the ideal country to set up and run your international company.

Malta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, between Europe and North Africa. This strategic location makes this country a focal point for tourists, investors, and entrepreneurs.

The Maltese economy is modern and diverse, with a focus on internationalization. The most important economic sectors are industry, tourism, and financial services. 

At the same time, the electronics industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the online gaming industry are economic sectors that have seen great growth in recent years in Malta

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Why Invest in Malta?

Foreign investment is one of the cornerstones of the Maltese economy. There are many reasons why you should set up a company in Malta:

  • It has a modern and diversified economy based on international business;
  • It has a stable macroeconomic environment;
  • A flexible, competitive tax regime with very low effective tax rates;
  • It is a member country of the EU, Schengen Area, and the Commonwealth
  • It has a productive, skilled, and bilingual Maltese-English workforce (66% also speak Italian);
  • It has a strategic geographical location, close to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, with very convenient air and sea connections;
  • It has low operating costs;
  • It has excellent technological infrastructure.

Advantages of Setting Up a Company in Malta

There are several advantages to setting up companies in Malta. It is a stable parliamentary democracy with a focus on financial services which provides a favorable environment for setting up companies. Malta is part of the Eurozone, resulting in a reduction in operating costs and elimination of currency risk in Europe.

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How to Set Up a Company in Malta

How to Set Up a Company in Malta

Companies in Malta are registered in the Malta Business Registry. The process of setting up companies in Malta is simple if you have the support of a local partner like NEWCO. 

Types of Companies in Malta

Malta's diverse legal regime makes it possible to set up various types of companies. The most popular and commonly used type of company is the Limited Liability Company (Ltd), but branches, holding companies, limited partnerships, and general partnerships, as well as trusts and foundations, can also be set up.

Types of Companies in Malta
Taxation of Companies in Malta

Taxation of Companies in Malta

Malta offers an extremely competitive tax regime based on a single system of full imputation designed to avoid double taxation. Malta also has a tax refund system, a robust participation exemption regime, several double taxation avoidance agreements, and special rules for the consolidated taxation of groups of companies.

Obligations of Companies in Malta

When you set up a company in Malta, be aware that it will be subject to various tax and accounting obligations. You should be mindful of accounting requirements, the fiscal calendar, the correct form of invoices, and anti-avoidance rules, among other obligations.

Obligations of Companies in Malta

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