Setting up a company in Portugal means creating a company in an innovative, cosmopolitan, and multifaceted country. A dynamic country that has learned to capitalize on its best resources.

Proud of their tradition, but looking to the future, the Portuguese have modernized sectors as diverse as cork, footwear, fashion, and wine, embracing technological development and opening doors to entrepreneurship and foreign investment. 

If any country currently fulfills all the conditions for attracting foreign investment, it is undoubtedly Portugal.

Advantages of Setting up a Company in Portugal

Portugal offers a competitive tax environment within the European Union. The tax rate is 21% (in Madeira the rate is even lower at 14.7%).

Portugal also offers other advantages, such as a stable political and social environment, an excellent infrastructure and road network, and a skilled and productive workforce.

Discover all the advantages of setting up a company in Portugal

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How to set up a company in Portugal

How to set up a company in Portugal

Opening any business requires good planning and knowledge of the local business environment, tax and accounting obligations, and setup costs.
Opening a company in Portugal is a simple process, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security. You should always count on the support of an experienced local partner to help you through the process of setting up a business.

Types of Companies in Portugal

There are various types of companies in Portugal, each with its own specific characteristics. 
The differences are essentially related to the number of shareholders and their level of responsibility, the form of capital representation, administration and supervision, and the greater or lesser flexibility of management.

Types of Companies in Portugal
Taxation of companies in Portugal

Taxation of companies in Portugal

The Portuguese tax system covers the various types of taxes levied on companies based in Portugal. 
In Portugal, only the central government and Portuguese municipalities can set taxes. There are no federal or state taxes, which is the case in many countries such as the USA and Brazil. 
Taxation of companies in Portugal is levied on assets, wealth, and consumption.
It is essential that all investors in Portugal understand which taxes exist in Portugal, what they are applied to, and what the investor’s tax obligations are.

Obligations of Companies in Portugal

Portuguese companies are subject to a series of obligations of a contributory, accounting, and fiscal nature that result from the application of the rules and regulations in force in Portugal. 
These include social security contributions, accounting requirements, payments on account, the deduction of tax losses, and transfer pricing, among others.

Obligations of Companies in Portugal

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