The International Ship Register of Madeira – MAR, created within the scope of the International Business Centre, offers Madeira an important role in the maritime sector.

Because operating costs are a critical factor in the profitability of the maritime industry, MAR is a credible competitive alternative compared to other international registrations, in full compliance with the technical rigour of the safety requirements of EU registration.

The following Commercial Vessels can be registered with MAR:

  1. Cargo ships (freighters transporting bulk cargo and container ships);
  2. Passenger ships (cruise ships and Roll-on/Roll-off “Ro-Ro” ships);
  3. Barges;
  4. Tugboats and other auxiliary vessels;
  5. Platforms (fixed and floater).

Fishing vessels are not accepted.

The following yachts can be registered with MAR:

  1. Pleasure yachts (maximum capacity: 12 people)
  2. Commercial yachts, used for commercial purposes (maximum number of passengers: 12)

Any entity (companies, branch offices, agencies, legal representations or other legal forms), with or without a head office in Madeira, involved in maritime transport, with its own ships or within a charter framework, can register ships with MAR. Non-resident entities in Madeira must appoint a local legal representative.

Shipowners opting for an entity that operates within the scope of the IBC will have full access to its favourable tax regime.