Portugal creates a visa for digital nomads - what you need to know

Digital nomads find in Portugal a perfect environment for combining remote work and quality of life. That being said, Portugal just recently added another reason for digital nomads and remote workers to come to enjoy all this country has to offer.

Portugal has just published Law 18/2022, of 25 August, which amends the Law on Foreigners and creates new types of residence permits for employment seekers and digital nomads.

Why choose Portugal as a digital nomad?

Portugal has consistently been regarded as the best country in the world for remote working, with its great quality of life, safe environment, and fantastic weather.

With this recent amendment to the Foreigner’s Law published in August 2022, there has also been an increase in the possibilities of granting a residence visa and temporary stay to exercise a professional activity provided through remote work, either independently or through an employment contract, to a non-resident entity or individual.

Another advantage for digital nomads in Portugal is that they have the possibility to work in any industry they wish (i.e. the Portuguese Law does not provide a specific restriction in this regard). In addition, digital nomads are eligible for the Non-Habitual Resident tax regime (subject to the fulfilment of specific conditions to be assessed on a case-by-case basis).

D8 – The Portuguese visa for digital nomads and remote workers

The Portuguese D8 Visa is perfect for digital nomads who are entrepreneurs or freelance workers and want to use Portugal as their base country.

The recent amendments to the Foreigner’s Law, providing that a visa may be issued to individuals (either employees or freelancers) undertaking activity to a non-resident individual or a non-resident entity, consolidate the position of Portugal as an attractive base for digital nomads.

How to apply for the D8 visa in Portugal?

The process is typically divided into two stages, with one starting in the country of origin and the second part being instructed by the Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF).

Further to the recent changes to the Foreigner’s Law in August 2022, the Portuguese Government has demonstrated the willingness to fast-track the digital nomad visa procedures shortly, but further regulation in this regard is still pending.

D8 visa in Portugal – requirements

The key requirement for the new digital nomad visa is that the applicant must be able to demonstrate the existence of an employment relationship or freelance activity with a non-resident entity, that is, the applicant should be in the possession of proper contracts and documentation sustaining the grounds under which the visa is being requested.

What is the best way to apply for a D8 visa in Portugal?

The Portuguese D8 Visa is perfect for digital nomads who are entrepreneurs or freelance workers. Starting in August 2022, special rules apply to those wanting to use Portugal as their base country. When applying for a D8 visa, there are specific requirements to follow. The best way to apply for a D8 visa in Portugal, is to count on us to help you.

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