Investing in Portugal - Safe and Attractive

Which factors ensure the attractiveness of an economy? Although there is no exact answer to this question, a safe and stable economy, with a growing digital/technological focus and an emphasis on the ecological aspect, will certainly be well positioned for the business challenges of the future. This is where Portugal comes in.

Among the best in Europe...

EY says so, in its Attractiveness Survey 2021 (check full report here). Portugal is in the top 10 destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI) in Europe. This report also adds that most investors are optimistic about the Portuguese economic short-term future and believe that the pandemic impacts on the attractiveness of the Portuguese economy will not last more than 3 years, with many planning to establish or expand their operations in Portugal during the next year.

Main sectors drivers of Portuguese growth in the coming years

Source: EY Attractiveness Survey 2021

The digital economy, the real estate, and the renewable energy and cleantech sectors were identified as the main drivers of Portuguese growth in the coming years.

The main attractiveness factors in Portugal are its safety and quality of life, political and social stability, quality of its infrastructures, its talented and qualified workforce, and its entrepreneurial, innovative, and technology-friendly business ecosystem.

...And the world!

In line with years past, Portugal has once again risen in the world competitiveness ranking, recently published by the IMD World Competitiveness Centre (you can check the full ranking here). This ranking assesses factors such as economic performance, business efficiency, infrastructure, and public administration. Portugal consolidated its place in the middle of the table, ahead of countries such as Spain, Italy, and India. According to this report, the Portuguese economy stands out in qualified labour, the quality of its infrastructures and the competitiveness of its operating costs.

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