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New Guide: Holdings in Spain (ETVE)

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The Entities Holding Foreign Securities (ETVE) are companies that reside in Spain and that are entitled to a special tax regime. The regime governing these entities is one of the most competitive in the EU, since under certain circumstances, not only does it not tax income from foreign sources obtained by the holding company, but it does not tax income that the holding company distributes to its non-resident shareholder or income that arises when the shareholder in question transfers his or her share in the holding company. This regime is one of the main tax advantages that Spain offers for foreign investors.

Learn more about it in our new Guide to holding companies in Spain.

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Financial Services Sector now represents 11% of Maltese economy

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According to the annual report of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), which has just been published, the financial services sector now represents 11% of the Maltese economy. In 2017, Malta’s economic growth rate continued to be higher than the European Union and Euro Zone averages, with the increase in service exports being the main driving force behind this economic expansion. The financial services sector has remained robust and solid, growing in size, diversity and attractiveness, and is today a fundamental pillar of the Maltese economy.

The MFSA’s annual report also highlights the fact that 5,297 new companies were registered in 2017, an increase of 2.5% year-on-year. Additionally, 109 companies from other jurisdictions were redomiciled.

The full report is available for consultation online at:

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