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/ Madeira


If you are looking for a preferential tax regime that is fully integrated into the European Market and has the lowest tax rates in the EU, Madeira has what you need.

This autonomous region of Portugal, a country that is a member of the European Union and the OECD, benefits from special conditions under the EU state state aid programme because it is an ultra-peripheral island economy.

Find out how NEWCO can help you operate within the scope of the Madeira International Business Centre and benefit from one of the European Unionís most competitive tax regimes.

/ Malta


NEWCO is your one-stop shop for investing in Malta. This countryís political, economic, legal and tax framework is conducive to attracting foreign investment.

Its public debt and deficit are tightly controlled and its economic indicators are very promising: GDP growth greater than the European average, moderate inflation and unemployment rates much lower than those of most other euro zone countries.

Find out about the many advantages of this jurisdiction with a tax regime that has the ideal conditions for creating and managing international business.


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