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New white paper: Substance in international tax planning

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If any concept has become unquestionably relevant in the midst of the many changes made over the last few years in the international taxation sector, it is substance.

Unfortunately, this must be the only thing we can all agree on. Despite its importance, there are no clear definitions of what ‘substance’ is, nor are there uniform standards for any kind of operation or jurisdiction, even though this is one of the aspects increasingly taken into account by tax administrations and the courts of different countries, in their efforts to correctly allocate the fiscal burden of companies and to combat tax evasion by their residents.

At NEWCO, we like to ‘uncomplicate’ issues so that our partners and clients can easily analyse all of the variables and make their investment decisions in a conscious and sustainable way.

This is why, after lots of reflection and internal debate on the current concept of substance, we have created a new white paper with the intention of systematising the information and, based on our experience and knowledge, giving a few guidelines for investments in the jurisdictions where we operate: Madeira and Malta.

This White Paper “Substance in International Taxation” was perhaps one of the most difficult we have had to write but we have no doubt that it will be one of the most important for our clients. I hope you are pleased with the result.

Download our new White Paper and let us know what you think!

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Recording of webinar Foundations in Malta

In on May 6, 2016 by NEWCO


The recording of our webinar “Foundations in Malta” is now available.

In this webinar, our Managing Partner Frederico Gouveia e Silva presented the advantages of Maltese foundations, namely in terms of wealth management and asset protection.

As an alternative to the Trusts, Malta offers the possibility to set up foundations, which have the advantage of being a legal entity and of being a widely accepted and acknowledged concept in countries with a Roman legal system. A foundation cannot directly exercise a commercial activity, but it can hold shares in a company, own industrial property, franchises or other property that manage income, such as a ship, as long as the foundation is a passive owner of such assets. A foundation can also be used as a vehicle to secure a transaction by granting bond loans. It can also be used as a collective investment vehicle, subject to licensing or authorization, with units issued to investors and passively holding a common group of assets, its management delegated to a third party.

Watch the recording to learn more about:

– What Foundations in Malta are;
– Their ends and purposes;
– Their tax regime.

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