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Portugal and Malta ranked in the top ten of the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index

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In the 2015 edition of the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, the countries that offer the best residence and citizenship programmes through investment in the world are those that continue to perform strongly in this area: This year Portugal, whose programme was recognised as the best residence through investment scheme, ranked fourth, granting access to 170 countries without a visa; Malta, which has already taken in €1 billion through its Individual Investor Programme, is considered to have the best citizenship through investment programme in the world according to the Global Residence and Citizenship Programmes 2015 publication, moving up to seventh spot by granting access to 167 countries without a visa. All other relevant countries with such programmes were ranked among the best 40, including: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Monaco, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.

For ten years now Henley & Partners has been a global leader in planning residence and citizenship, annually publishing the “Visa Restrictions Index”, where countries are ranked globally according to the freedom of travel enjoyed by their citizens. In cooperation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), an international organisation that brings together airlines from all over the world and maintains the largest travel database in the world, Henley & Partners analyses visa regulations of all countries and territories in the world and creates an index that not only illustrates international travel freedom for citizens, but also examines international relations and the status of countries in relation to one another.

In this year’s ranking, which groups together data gathered over the past ten years, offering an unprecedented and incomparable overview of the development of visa policies over the years, two countries maintained their number one ranking with access to 173 countries without a visa out of a possible 218: Germany and United Kingdom. Finland, Sweden and USA dropped to second place. The four worst passports in the world continue to be those of Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Pakistan.

Although the world is more globalized, there is still a large disparity in levels of travel freedom among countries. Visa requirements define and regulate the ability of people to cross borders. With the expansion of globalization, residence and citizenship issues have become significant topics of interest among a growing number of internationally mobile entrepreneurs and investors. For Henley & Partners “continued development of these countries shows the critical nature of successful access without a visa for countries that offer immigration programmes for investors.”

To find out more about this programme and all the benefits of living in Portugal or Malta, download our “Living in Madeira” and “Living in Malta” guides or contact us.

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New eBook: Madeira and Malta, hubs for Chinese investments abroad

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Madeira and Malta offer so many advantages for the internationalization of Chinese companies, that we couldn’t fit them into a Brochure. We wrote a book.

Not only China is one of the most attractive economies in terms of economic growth and foreign direct Investment, Chinese companies play an increasingly relevant role in international markets.

In this eBook we explain why Madeira and Malta are the ideal hubs for the internationalization of Chinese companies, in particular those aiming to invest in the European Union, Africa and Latin America.

Download our new eBook to learn more about:

  • The challenges faced by Chinese investors in the European Union;
  • Madeira and Malta’s advantages for investments in the EU, Africa and Latin America Latina;
  • Madeira and Malta’s tax regimes for trading and holding operations;
  • The benefits for individual persons (residence programmes and tax benefits).

And due to the interest the two jurisdictions are raising in the Chinese market, we’ll be visiting Shanghai and Beijing between the 7th and the 11th of December. If you’re interested in learning more about these advantages, contact us to schedule a meeting.

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New tax package announced for Madeira

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Miguel Albuquerque, President of Madeira’s regional government, has announced that a new strategic tax package designed to attract foreign capital is to be introduced in the near future. The move comes in addition to the existing tax benefits guaranteed by the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBCM), which include a very low taxation rate of 5% approved by the European Union and in place until 2027.

The new package, which should be finalised before the end of the year, will include specific legislation designed to attract foreign residents with the aim of creating a measure similar to the Golden Visa, but under a different name and taking into account the region’s taxation possibilities.

Future implementation of an international aircraft register is currently undergoing comparative study. Its aim is identical to that of the successful International Shipping Register of Madeira – MAR, which is currently a high quality international register, acting as one of the instruments that will guarantee dividends for the region.

In addition to these measures to be included in the new tax package, the regional government of Madeira plans to create the necessary conditions to attract technology companies to set up in the Ribeira Brava valley, thereby benefitting from the multiplier effect of ACIN, a Madeira company that is a pioneer in creating technological solutions, present in various countries.

The President made his announcement during the “Madeira of the Future” conference in Caracas as part of his first official visit to emigrant communities residing in Venezuela and Miami. He also emphasised the Madeira regional government’s intention to create legislative guidelines to make Madeira an “investor-friendly region.”

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New webinar: Trusts in Malta

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Thursday, 19th of November at 3 pm

Whether it is for tax planning purposes, inheritance planning, shareholdings or protection of assets, trusts are becoming increasingly popular and they are an interesting instrument in many aspects.

Malta is one of the few civil jurisdictions that has developed its own legal system regarding trusts. In the European Union, Malta trusts maintain the Anglo-Saxon concept of a trust and benefit from an extremely competitive tax regime, within a highly regulated, reliable and safe environment.

Since it became a European Union Member State in 2004, Malta has made significant investments in the development of its legal and regulatory framework, adapting its legislation and tax regime to make it a truly attractive and effective jurisdiction for establishing and managing Trusts.

In our Webinar of November 19th, you’ll learn:

  • What trusts in Malta are;
  • What they are used for;
  • The advantages and applicable tax regime;

Register now.

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    Now that we know more, we do better

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    Now that we know more, we do better.

    Since 1990, our goal has been to be ever better at what we do.

    Over the course of these 25 years, we have always dedicated ourselves to knowledge, efficiency and innovation to serve you better.

    Because every day is a challenge, every day our determination and winning spirit shine through.

    Click to learn more about us.

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    Temporary suspension of the Schengen Agreement in Malta

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    The suspension of the Schengen agreement has been temporarily enforced by the Maltese Government, who introduced a border control in the country up to the 3rd of December 2015.

    This security measure results from the fact that, during the month of November, the Valletta Migration Summit is being held in Malta, with the Commonwealth Heads of Government all in attendance.

    In light of the above situation, all persons travelling in and out of Malta will be required to present a valid passport and cannot travel only on their ID Cards/ residence permits, as border controls for all passengers have been reinforced as an increased security measure.

    NEWCO is fully available to provide any additional clarification or assistance required by our clients planning to visit Malta during this period.

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