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When a rapidly expanding UK group decided to manage its international operations in a Member State of the European Union, Madeira was not at the top of its list of options.

However, after a few months of analysing their options and exploratory trips, their decision was unquestionable: direct flights from Funchal to London; operating costs that were far lower than those predicted for other European countries; a qualified, dedicated team with salaries that were incomparably lower than for equivalent positions In the United Kingdom; a very attractive legal and tax environment for international operations; and an exceptional quality of life are all the factors that made Madeira the right location for the logistical and commercial management of the group's international operations.

Since the group incorporated its first company in Madeira, NEWCO has been monitoring this client's growth, ensuring they are being provided with accounting and tax compliance services, as well as services related to payroll processing, support in recruiting staff and obtaining residence permits for professionals from outside the European Union. Services have also been provided, as necessary, in order to relocate these professionals and their families to Madeira and help them settle in to their new home.


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