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As they began exporting steel products, machinery and equipment to Angola, a Portuguese business group decided to base its international trading operations on the island of Madeira.

In addition to the internationalisation incentives available within the International Business Centre of Madeira, the company found a team in the Region that already had extensive experience in international trading and operations with Angola. These two factors aided the company in creating an environment conducive to developing their international trade, which also had very competitive operating costs.

NEWCO has been supporting this client since the first phase of their operations: from incorporating and licensing the company with the International Business Centre of Madeira to locating an appropriate office and hiring a team that would meet the company’s needs.

Once the company was established in Madeira, this client continued to rely on NEWCO's accounting, tax compliance and payroll services, which help to ensure that the company complies with all their duties and obligations in Madeira. This allows them to give developing the company’s International business their full attention.


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