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Setting up a company is the first step to starting a business in Portugal or Malta.

Setting up a company in Portugal or Malta is a relatively quick process, as long as the legal and fiscal framework of the activity to be developed is properly prepared and all the documentation required under AML regulations (prevention of money laundering and financing of international terrorism) is gathered.

Before creating a company it is important to understand the framework of the activity and all the regulatory, legal, and tax obligations to which the company will be subject in the country where it will develop its activity.


How to set up a company?

After validating the business framework, the type of company and corporate structure intended, and the applicable tax regime, NEWCO collects, organises, and processes all the information and documentation necessary to set up the company, obtain the license (if necessary), and start the business.

The next steps are to approve the name, prepare the memorandum and articles of association and application for a licence (when applicable) and file the process at the companies' registry. After the company is set up, NEWCO also helps with the preparation of the minutes, social security registrations, and all the other formalities inherent to starting up a business in Portugal or Malta.


Setting up a company in Portugal

Once a business is registered in Portugal, it has a legal personality. This means that it is an entity that is legally separate from its partners, being able to act in the most diverse areas permitted by law, within its social object, and being responsible for its debts. The registration of companies in Portugal is done in the Commercial Registry Office.

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Setting up a company in Malta

Malta is the ideal jurisdiction to set up and run your international business. Several internationally recognised companies, in the most diverse business sectors, are based in Malta.

The registration of companies in Malta is done at the Malta Business Registry. Various types of companies can be registered, the most common being the Limited Liability Company.

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Setting up a company in Madeira

Companies in Madeira benefit from a favourable environment for developing international businesses, thanks to a secure and stable legislative framework, full integration in the European Union, political and social stability, good infrastructures, very competitive operational costs and the availability of highly qualified worker who are fluent in foreign languages.

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