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We live in an age where changes occur at breakneck speed, making it essential to evolve quickly and adapt management practices to the reality of markets and organizations. It is increasingly necessary to have agile and innovative management to ensure the competitiveness of the company against its competitors.

NEWCO has a network of highly specialized and experienced partners, ready to give a multidisciplinary response to your company's needs at various levels:


Legal Services

Different needs require different specialities. Throughout our 30 years of experience, we have developed partnerships with specialized and trusted law firms in all legal areas. Thanks to the integrated vision that we have of our clients, we identify and advise the specialists capable of providing the best response to each client's needs at each stage of their investment.


Corporate and International Tax

As a result of increasing complexity and regulatory trends, the appropriate management of the tax burden is becoming more and more challenging for any company, requiring specialized and continuous support at both local and international level.


Tax reporting and strategy

Non-compliance with tax obligations exposes a company to high financial and reputational risks, with impacts that may prove harmful. The right advice allows rethinking the tax function using digital tax tools which ensure tax compliance and the necessary basis for defining an efficient tax strategy and constant monitoring of the outlined plan.


Transfer Pricing

Globalization leads to an increase in transactions between companies acting in different jurisdictions. This makes transfer pricing rules increasingly the focus of Tax Administrations, so monitoring them is extremely relevant. NEWCO uses specialists in national and international transactions who are expert in analysing intra-group relationships and preparing the respective transfer pricing dossier, taking into account the requirements of different, and often overlapping tax jurisdictions.


Corporate finance

Our partners offer services to support the structuring of corporate financing sources, corporate capital, and management decisions for the creation of shareholder value. Companies, funds, private equity, family offices and private investments can count on specialized support in their main financial challenges, from the assertive review of asset portfolios, the structuring of capital allocation processes, to the analysis of the financial plan, to support the most appropriate decision.



Restructuring is a demanding challenge for an organization when business performance is below expectations and financial difficulties increase. This is a challenge that goes far beyond the current management of a business. NEWCO collaborates with specialists in critical and complex restructuring processes. We help maximize the success of creditors, managers, and shareholders in recovering invested capital and reducing their exposure to risk.


Transaction Services

Organic growth through mergers and acquisitions has proven to be increasingly strategic for the global success of organizations. NEWCO has specialized partners who help make appropriate decisions during the transaction, providing a deeper understanding of the business, the associated risks, and the strategic opportunities that the transaction may represent, as well as helping with the challenge of post-acquisition management. Our services include support for due diligence processes (buy-side and sell-side), mergers and acquisitions and valuation and modelling.


Innovation and Management Consulting

Nowadays, changes occur at a dizzying speed, requiring rapid evolutions and the disruption of management practices that may prove inadequate to the current reality of organizations. An agile and innovative management is increasingly necessary to ensure the competitiveness of your company against its competitors.

With NEWCO and our partners, you can count on a line of services specialized in the development and growth of organizations through strategic solutions for business differentiation and innovation, as well as the development of commercial models centred on the client, redesigning operational business models in terms of logistics, client segmentation, technology, internal control, human resources, among others.



Audit is a fundamental pillar in offering readers confidence in a company's financial statements, serving the public interest in the markets and in business, to accelerate economic growth in a sustainable manner.

Our partners provide specialized audit services, developed by multidisciplinary teams through a digital and efficient approach, adding value to financial reports and offering continuous advice to management throughout the year.



The decision-making process is increasingly a challenging and pre-eminent task, where mistakes are paid at a high price. Information needs to be reliable, relevant, and complete so that management can make appropriate business decisions to mitigate the risk involved and improve performance. Our partners offer technical excellence and an in-depth approach to complex matters, ensuring confidence in information where there is uncertainty and going beyond what is covered in a financial statement audit.


Forensic Audit

The success of organizations today depends largely on their reputation and on the ethical way they act towards the market, their employees, and their stakeholders. However, companies constantly act under the threat of the factors of the corporate fraud triangle: pressure, opportunity, and the capacity to rationalize

NEWCO collaborates with specialists in economic and financial matters and forensic technology, dedicated to assisting its clients in litigation and investigations of suspected fraud of conscious or voluntary acts, helping its legal advisers to establish the facts quickly and concisely.


Investment Projects

You can rely on our partners for credit risk analysis, preparation of business plans and economic and financial feasibility studies, advice and monitoring of financing sources as well as preparation of applications to incentive systems.

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NEWCO is an inward investment services provider in Portugal and Malta. With 30 years of experience, we are your one stop shop for investment and relocation services in Portugal or Malta.

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