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Foreign investment or moving to a new country requires knowledge and courage. With three decades of experience and the know-how that allows us to successfully support both large multi-nationals and small enterprises, in addition to start-ups and their investors, together with our partners, we are your one stop shop in Portugal and Malta, providing  all services necessary for establishing and developing your business in a new country in a quick an efficient manner.


Corporate Services

Establishment and management of companies
We make sure that the establishment of the company complies with all administrative, legal and tax requirements, also helping with the licensing of activities and with opening bank accounts, no to mention consulting services for managing companies in Portugal, the Island of Madeira or Malta. Learn more


Head office, Administrative Services and Offices
Focus on your business while we take care of operational matters. Head office, offices with shared services, administrative support… we adjust services to your company’s needs, so you can conduct foreign investment without the requirements of a fully autonomous office. Learn more


Accounting and Tax Compliance
Compliance with all tax and legal obligations is essential in helping your company develop its activity seamlessly. We ensure annual preparation of accounts and financial statements, submission of periodic VAT returns, payroll processing and compliance with all tax and reporting obligations. Learn more


Relocation Services

Our team helps with the entire process of moving and setting up in a new country. Together with our partners, we help with all of the moving stages, from planning until your arrival in Portugal, ensuring that your integration takes place as easily and as efficiently as possible. Learn more

  • Visas, residence and work authorization
  • Tax resident status
  • Housing and management of properties
  • Moving and transport
  • Personal assistance and other services

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How we help our clients

NEWCO is an inward investment services provider specialized in the implementation of foreign investment in Portugal and Malta. With 30 years of experience and know how, we help our clients maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks of operating in a new country, allowing them to stay focused on their business. Contact us to find out how we can help you invest or relocate into Portugal, including Madeira, or Malta.

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