A company which does not maintain actual headquarters in Portugal, but wishes to conduct its activities here for more than one year, should establish a permanent representation and comply with the provisions of Portuguese law on commercial registration.

The establishment, modification and closure of a branch headquartered in Portugal or abroad, and the grant and termination of powers to the branch representatives, as well as the submission of financial statements, are subject to official registration within 2 months from the date of issue.

The registration of permanent representations of companies headquartered abroad is made contingent on a document representing the members’ resolution to establish representation, the full and updated text of the memorandum of association, and a document of proof of the existence the company as a legal entity.

A branch registration must make reference to the legal person represented by including its name, nationality, registered office, corporate purpose, share capital and the name, place and capital allocated to the branch, if any, and the date on which its financial year closes.

The name or denomination appearing on the registration of the branch must specifically include the terms "branch" or "representative office" or an equivalent term to be chosen by the interested parties.

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