It must be correctly worded in Portuguese and must specify the business that the company will perform in sufficiently accurate terms.

Legislation does not allow a company to define its object using vague or general statements that do not provide sufficient clarification of the business. 

For example: any commercial or industrial activity permitted by law.

Some reasons for clearly defining the company's object:

  1. Specifies the company's capabilities;
  2. Obligates the managers to act within the object's boundaries;
  3. Binds the company before third parties;
  4. Prohibits managers from competing with the company in any field encompassed by the object.


Examples of valid Company objects

Example 1: The object is consultancy of economic, financial, accounting and management services; the formation and development of companies on the domestic and international level; market surveying, advertising and marketing services; commissions and consignment; wholesale or retail import and export.

Example 2: The object consists of the trade of equipment and materials, training, technical assistance, security engineering, provision of services and installing systems in the fields of protection, security, emergency, rescue and fire-fighting in public and private works.

Example 3: The object is: projects, studies, audits, consultancy, and training in the field of occupational safety, rescue, fire and calamities, supervision of public or private works in the field of safety procedures, the e-commerce of safety and security items and equipment.

Example 4: The object comprises the sale, distribution and maintenance of vending machines; the sale, distribution and maintenance of water machines; the retail sale of food and drinks; the sale of consumable goods for vending machines.

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