The business name of the company comprising a specific title or title and name of a member may not be identical to the registered business name of another company, or similar to such an extent that it could lead to errors. It must provide as much indication as possible regarding the object of the company.

The outstanding elements of a company's business name may not suggest a business different to that of the company's object.

When the business name of a company consists solely of the names of all, any or some of the members, it must be completely different to any that have already been registered.

Denominations comprised exclusively by standard expressions which identify or are directly associated with the company’s activity, practice or product, as well as toponyms and any other geographical indications, are not admissible.

The following shall not form part of the business names of companies:

  • Expressions which could be misleading as regards the legal characteristics of the company, in particular expressions currently used to designate public bodies or non-profit organisations;
  • Expressions which are prohibited by law or offensive to morals or good taste.

The business name must end with the word "Limitada" or its abbreviation "Lda" in private limited companies.

If the company has only one member, the business name must include the term "Sociedade Unipessoal" or word "Unipessoal" before "Limitada" or "Lda".

The business name must end with the word "Sociedade Anónima" or its abbreviation "S.A." in public limited companies.

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