A company, formed outside of Malta and wanting to operate in the country, can open a permanent representative office or branch.

Registering a branch entails the appointment of a local representative, who must be a natural person resident in Malta.

Establishing, altering or closing a branch in Malta, the granting of branch representative powers, and the submission of financial statements must be registered no later than a month after they occur.

Registering permanent representatives of non-resident companies in Malta requires you to complete a specific form and send it to the Companies’ Registry along with all supporting documents about the company and its local representative, such as:

  • A certified copy of the company’s formation document (translated into English or Maltese, if the originals are not in either language);
  • Details about the directors and company secretary, if applicable;
  • A declaration with the following information:
    • name of the branch in Malta, if different from the name abroad;
    • address of the branch or location of the activity;
    • the activities performed by the branch;
    • the names and addresses of the individuals resident in Malta who are authorised to represent the company;
    • the scope of the representative’s powers and liabilities;
  • A statement detailing the kind of foreign company, the company registration number and information about the respective Register.

The branch should follow, as closely as possible, the same rules that apply to other Maltese companies regarding their financial statements.

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