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Cost of registering ships in MAR

Initial registration

Fixed fee 1.8000,00€
Variable fee -
Net tonnage (NT) up to 250  225,00€
NT from 250 a 2.500  0,90€ x TL
NT from 2.500 a 10.000  0,75€ x TL
NT from 10.000 a 20.000  0,60€ x TL
NT from 20.000 a 30.000  0,50€ x TL
NT from 30.000 a 40.000  0,40€ x TL
NT from 40.000 a 50.000  0,30€ x TL
NT from 50.000 a 60.000  0,20€ x TL
NT above 60.000  0,10€ x TL


Annual costs

Fixed fee 1.4000,00€
Variable fee -
Net tonnage (NT) up to 250 200,00€
NT from 250 a 2.500  0,80€ x TL
NT from 2.500 a 10.000  0,40€ x TL
NT from 20.000  0,25€ x TL


Note 1: : The fees indicated in clauses 1 and 2 above are applicable to cargo ships. In the event of registering a passenger ship or tugboat, the applicable initial and annual fees are those defined above with an additional 15% and 30%, respectively.

Note 2: TL = TL = Net Registered Tonnage


Fees for other services:

Formation of crew and issue of respective certificate 300,00€
Annual inspections required by MAR performed on the request of the vessel´s owner, including transport, stay and accommodation of the inspector(s) 100,00€/hour
Issuing documents, replacement documents, duplicates, endorsing certificates and/or other ship´s documents (price per certificate or document) 130,00€
Certification or endorsement of the competencies of officers and other crew members 20,00€
Embarkation of each crew member 100,00€ and 25,00€ respectively
Supply of forms, log books and other related services, to be defined by MAR please see clause II below
Issue of a radio licence 500,00€
Cancellation of registration 650,00€
Endorsement of ownership certificate and/or division of ownership rights and/or change of ownership 300,00€
Bareboat charter and any amendments to that charter contract 300,00€
Change of ship´s name 300,00€
Book entry of initial registration 300,00€
Formation, modification, extinction or recognition of usufruct rights 300,00€
Construction contract 300,00€
Mortgages, amendments, termination, sale or assignment of mortgage credits, as well as the priority grading of mortgages 300,00€


MAR also charges for the transport and fees of its representatives that will carry out the inspection of the vessel on the change of flag, which can only be calculated once the port in which the change of flag will occur is known.

All abovementioned sums must be paid prior to registration. All values are in agreement with current prices.

4- Discounts

Pelo registo de uma nova embarcação de comércio, as taxas devidas poderão beneficiar de reduções conforme descrito em seguida, desde que, à data do novo registo, o requerente seja também titular de outros registos válidos e vigentes de embarcações de comércio no MAR.

  • 10% sobre a taxa inicial, quando devida por titular de dois registos anteriores;
  • 15% sobre o montante da taxa inicial e taxa de manutenção anual, relativa ao primeiro ano e seguintes, quando devida por titular de quatro registos anteriores;
  • 20% sobre o montante da taxa inicial e taxa de manutenção anual, relativa ao primeiro ano e seguintes, quando devida por titular de nove registos anteriores;
  • 50% sobre o montante da taxa inicial e 20% sobre o montante da taxa de manutenção anual, relativa ao primeiro ano e seguintes, quando devidas por titular de catorze registos anteriores. 


Books and Other Forms supplied by MAR and respective prices


Ships Logbook 40,00€
Engine Logbook 40,00€
GMDSS Radio Station Log Book 30,00€
Radiocommunications´ Service Book 30,00€
Oil Record Book - Part 1 (all vessels) 40,00€
Oil Record Book - Part 2 (Oil tankers) 40,00€
Cargo Record Book (for vessels carrying noxious liquid substances in bulk) 40,00€
Waste Garbage Record Book 20,00€



Ownership Certificate 5,00€
Manning Certificate 5,00€
Provisional passport 5,00€
CLC Certificate 5,00€
Temporary Registration Certificate 5,00€
Crew List 5,00€
Crew List (cont.) 5,00€
Embarkation/Disembarkation 5,00€


Add EUR 15.00 to all values for official administrative acts. The cost of issuing certificates and declarations is EUR 25.00 each one.


Pleasure Yachts

Cost of documents issued by MAR:

Ownership Certificate 20,00€
Technical Booklet 20,00€
Radio Station Licence 300,00€
Forms 10,00€
Endorsement of ownership 70,00€
Official administrative acts 15,00€
Ship's Logbook 15,00€


Pleasure yachts

Initial registration fee: 500,00€

Annual fee:

  • Yachts between 7 and 24 metres long: EUR 500,00
  • Yachts over 24 metres in length: EUR 500.00 + EUR 2.00 per gross tonnage

Note that the yacht belonging to a company licensed to operate under the legal jurisdiction of IBC, is exempt from paying the initial registration fee and will have the right to a 20% discount on the annual fee, in accordance with legislation and other regulations in force.


Commercial Yachts

Initial registration fee:

  • Fixed fee: EUR 1.250,00
  • Variable fee: 
    • GRT up to 250: EUR 200.00
    • GRT > 250: EUR 200.00 plus EUR 0.75 per additional gross tonnage

Annual fee:

  • Fixed fee: EUR 1.000,00
  • Variable fee: 
    • GRT up to 250: EUR 200.00
    • GRT > 250: EUR 200.00 plus EUR 0.75 per additional gross tonnage

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