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Madeira has a large community of foreign nationals from a vast range of countries.

They mostly chose living in Madeira island for the following reasons:

  1. Safe environment, unrivalled in Europe, with a low crime rate and social and political stability;
  2. Exceptionally mild climate, which allows visitors to enjoy water-based activities or walks in the subtropical forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, throughout the entire year;
  3. Modern, sophisticated infrastructures, in addition to boasting an excellent road network and an international airport with regular connections to the major European capitals;
  4. Top-quality education system, including a local university that offers Master's degrees in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University USA, and boasts international schools, private colleges and one of the best institutes in the EU in the field of Man-Machine Interaction, Information and Entertainment Technology;
  5. Access to goods and services of high international quality;
  6. Friendly and cosmopolitan population;
  7. Housing and lodging of excellent quality, matching the highest European standards and with currently good opportunities available in the real estate sector.

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