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Lisbon: A City for Creative and Innovative Minds
30 Oct 2020

Lisbon: A City for Creative and Innovative Minds

Innovation is key for the development of our modern world. It is what carries society forward and provides better standards of living to our ever-increasing population. More than ever before, businesses and individuals are searching for places which provide the best resources needed to produce innovative and creative minds. And according to a ranking published by Ambr Eyewear, Lisbon is in the top three of such places.

This ranking classifies cities based on five factors:

  1. Employment in the tech and media industries;
  2. Wellbeing;
  3. Connectivity;
  4. Creativity;
  5. Education.

The latter is the area in which the Portuguese Capital stands out with 34 universities, close to 1 per square mile. Lisbon also features high on the list for the coworking spaces, quality of life and creativity factors; overall, only being surpassed by Paris and Barcelona.

Check out the full analysis here.