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Discover Malta's top 3 advantages for holding companies
29 Oct 2020

Discover Malta's top 3 advantages for holding companies

Known for its rich history and the beauty of its landscapes, Malta is also one of the most interesting member states of the European Union for the development of international activities, namely for the management of shareholdings in and outside the European Union (EU).


Here are 3 of Malta's top advantages for holding companies:

  1. Full access to the European Union: all EU regulations, directives, and principles of freedom of establishment and free movement of capital apply to Maltese companies, including the Parent-Subsidiary Directive and the Interest and Royalties Directive.
  2. Hybrid legal system: English is one of the two official languages and the hybrid legal regime is compatible with both civil and common law jurisdictions.
  3. Competitive tax regime: Its fully regulated and transparent tax system is extremely competitive for holding activities, mainly thanks to its flexible and comprehensive participation exemption regime, the vast network of agreements to avoid double taxation (over 70), the flexibility in the activities to be developed by the holding and the withholding tax exemption on the distribution of dividends, both for corporate and individual partners, regardless of where they are resident.

Learn about these and many other advantages in our Guide Holdings in Malta.

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