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About us

Giuseppe Luongo, Presidente, YOUTHSTREAM GROUP, Monaco:

Honest and Professional.

Jaime Alvarez, ERSHIP, Madrid, Spain:

The expertise of NEWCO's team is always there, ready with a good advice. We always recommend NEWCO to our partners because we know that NEWCO will not default expectations.

John Yingling, CFO, CERTARA, St Louis, Missouri, EUA:

Professional and thorough.

I have found Newco to be capable, proactive and timely in the handling of all activities for our company. Should we open another location where Newco has a presence, I would not hesitate to call on them to provide local services.

Klaus Küper, Managing Director, Ship Register Office GmbH, Leer, Germany:

Professional and reliable.

Luís Franco, Vice-President, SurveyMonkey, Palo Alto, USA:

I consider the understanding of customer needs and willingness to accommodate and find appropriate solutions the key differentiator of Newco’s service.

Paul Tori, Partner, TNN Capital, Luxembourg:

Precise advice and pragmatic approach.

We have had the pleasure to work with NEWCO for over 10 years. We have suggested several of our clients to use its services, each time with irreproachable results.

Pedro Marques, Director Turnkey Solutions, Portugal:

NEWCO is a reliable full-scale service provider who offered the right solution for us. Our net profits increased about 30% with NEWCO's counseling.

Philippe de Patoul, Partner, TNN Capital, Luxembourg:

We have already suggested to various clients to work with Newco because we want the best service for them in your jurisdictions.

René Kurmann, Partner, Wipolero Treuhand AG, Hünenberg, Switzerland:

Professional and international.

The collaboration is very confidential and personal.

Tom Walsh, COREL CORPORATION Vice-President, Tax & Treasury, San Francisco Bay Area, USA:

Newco values the client relationship and ensures that the client's experience in dealing in a foreign jurisdiction is smooth.


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