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Proper management of tax efficiency can mean a considerable increase in net profit for any investor with an international business, regardless of its size. There are also huge challenges when starting up in a foreign jurisdiction with all its inherent complexity.

After more than 20 years experience supporting clients in complex and bureaucratic jurisdictions, NEWCO knows how to guarantee clients maximum opportunities and minimal risks when operating in a new jurisdiction, allowing them to stay focused on their business:

1. We make it simple
We conduct an in-depth study and analysis of the jurisdiction in order to provide clients with clear, organised and practical advice to secure the best opportunities this jurisdiction has to offer.

Our services in this area includes consultation on tax, legal and operational matters.

2. We make it happen
We provide all the services needed to form or re-domicile client companies in line with expectations, smoothly and simply.

We can form, re-domicile and manage companies and other vehicles, with the necessary legal, domiciliation, management and administration services. With regard to shipping, we provide vessels and yacht registration, including legal representation and support for shipowners.

3. We make it grow
While our clients focus on the development of their business, we ensure that their operations in the new jurisdiction comply with all accounting, legal and tax regulations; we also provide all the necessary ancillary services for effective management of new investment projects.

Our services include accounting, payroll management, tax compliance, legal and tax consultancy and all kinds of ancillary administrative services such as offices with shared services, human resources, IT resources and other similar services.


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