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Types of yacht

The following yachts can be registered in MAR:

(1) Pleasure yachts

(2) Commercial yachts (used for commercial purposes)

Current terms and conditions

a) Minimum length - 7 metres

b) For pleasure yachts - maximum capacity: 12 people

c) For commercial yachts - maximum number of passengers: 12

Registration of pleasure yachts

1. Information

  • Intended name for yacht
  • Name of builder, date and name of shipyard
  • State whether sailing or motorised vessel and, if the latter, provide details of engine (make and power)
  • Other characteristics of the vessel, including net and gross tonnage, hull width and draft
  • Complete and up-to-date list of the radio communication and navigation aid equipment, including the EPIRB and radio-transponders, and respective quantities, makes and models
  • Full name and residential address of the registration applicant, as well as copy of national ID card/passport and taxpayer´s card or similar such document
  • Name of authority responsible for radio accounts, which is recognised by the Portuguese authorities
  • Navigation area and maximum number of people aboard

2. Other documents (copies can be sent)

  • Documentary proof of crew members´ sailing skills, if there is a crew
  • Construction certificate
  • Up-to-date colour 6x9 photograph of the boat
  • Radio licence or other communications equipment document from preceding registration
  • Recent inspection report drafted by a Classification Society or by maritime authorities, with regard to signatory countries of IMO Conventions. MAR also accepts the reports of entities to which powers have been delegated to perform such duties in the country in question

This inspection report must refer to:

1. Hull and structural stability - the state and maintenance conditions of the hull and structures, including the date of the last dry dock inspection. Information about stability where an approved non-standard form is used

2. Machinery and support systems - status and operating conditions of propulsion motors, electrical generator, drainage pumps and fire protection devices (refer to quantities and signalling used)

3. Life-saving equipment and assistance systems - list of these systems, including radio communication

4. Standard approval - if the vessel is a standard model, this must be specified in a document. This document must indicate the admissible navigation area as well as the maximum number of people permitted aboard

If the yacht is more than 24 metres in length, MAR requires the following technical documents:

A) Class certificate issued by one of the classification societies together with copies of the vessel´s general repair plan and its safety plan

B) "Safety compliance - non convention" document issued by one of the recognised classification societies or, as an alternative, the following non- convention certificated: (1) Construction safety certificate, (2) Radio safety certificate, (3) Equipment safety certificate, (4) Oil pollution certificate with MARPOL 73/78 - Annex I (when applicable) and (5) Prevention of pollution by sewage from ships according to MARPOL 73/78 - Annex IV (when applicable)

C) Certificate of compliance with LOAD LINE CONVENTION 66 issued by a recognised classification society

D) International tonnage certificate

3. Original documents duly legalised by the Portuguese Consulate or bearing the Hague Convention Apostille

  • Certificate or other document providing proof of ownership of the yacht
  • Original or legalised copy of the preceding registration certificate of the yacht (issued less than six months previously)
  • A certificate issued by the authorities of the previous register stating that the applicant has applied for the cancellation of registration and that the cancellation certificate will be issued as soon as registration in MAR is completed
  • Certificate issued by the authorities of the preceding registration indicating any mortgages and other liabilities contracted against the vessel. If a mortgage does exist, then a written statement from the mortgagee authorising the vessel´s registration in MAR is required, with a duly legalised signature and certification from the notary public that the signatories have the capacity to issue the statement
  • Power-of-attorney certified by a notary public, according to which powers are conferred on to newmadeira to provide total representation before Portuguese authorities or those of the Madeira Autonomous Region, as well as to assure representation before MAR and third party entities concerning everything associated to the vessels/yachts owned by the represented party (whenever the applicant does not reside or is not headquartered in Madeira)

Registration of commercial yachts
The ratification of Decree-Law no. 192/2003, of 23 August, provided the possibility of registering pleasure yachts used for commercial purposes in MAR, excepting such vessels used for non-sports fishing, freight transport and the transport of more than 12 passengers.

The registration procedure does not differ greatly from that already existing for pleasure yachts not used for commercial purposes. However, in addition to the information and documentation required in these cases, the application for registration procedure has to include all of the yacht´s safety data, as required by applicable Portuguese law and international regulations.

In addition, in regard to compulsory technical inspections, while pleasure yachts used for non-commercial purposes have to undergo their first inspection five years after registration and then again every three years subsequently, commercial yachts are obliged to undergo annual inspections, and dry dock inspections of the hull have to be performed every two years.


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