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As an European Union (EU) Member State since 2004, Malta offers:

  • A credible and rapidly expanding financial services centre, supported by all 28 EU Member States;
  • All EU Treaty principles apply to Maltese companies and their investors, specifically the principle of the freedom to establish and provide services; Maltese companies can register for a VAT number which will give them access to the EU market, whenever they wish.
  • Malta is part of the European Monetary System (euro), which means lower operating costs and no currency exchange risk on intra-community (EU) transactions;
  • All EU directives apply in Malta, guaranteeing a regulated, modern legal system protecting your investors’ best interests;


Its entire political, economic and legal framework helps to attract foreign investment:

  • Parliamentary democracy, politically and socially stable;
  • Only two major political parties, both of which focus on attracting cross-border investment and offering a safe, stable and open business environment;
  • Modern and diversified economy based on international services;
  • Stable macroeconomic environment (low unemployment, controlled public sector deficit and public debt);
  • Strong and modern legal system based on Roman law, but a great part of administrative, financial and tax legislation is based on British law.


Malta also offers other important advantages when forming and managing international businesses:

  • A flexible, competitive tax regime with effectively very low tax rates
  • Schengen and Commonwealth member
  • Productive, qualified bilingual workforce (Maltese and English) with advanced knowledge of other languages
  • Highly specialised and efficient professional services providers
  • Highly attractive for overseas personnel
  • Low operational costs
  • Excellent technological infrastructure
  • Strategic geographical location, close to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, with very good air and sea connections
  • Excellent logistics for transhipment and distribution
  • A mild climate, natural beauty, good network of hotels and accommodation, safe environment and low crime rates



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