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Malta lies in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, between mainland Europe and North Africa. The strategic location of the country and the majestic natural harbors meant that Malta, until independence, was sought by the powers that dominated the region as a center of commerce and a defensive stand. As a result, the islands enjoy today a very rich and varied history. However, by itself, the story does not justify the annual influx of tourists in the summer heat of the sun, the clarity of the sea and welcoming attitude of the Maltese people, also won the hearts of visitors.

Just like Tourism, Financial Services became one of the main pillars of the Maltese economy. This activity is currently responsible for a significant part of the success of Malta’s economy that continues to reveal a growth above average, in spite of the current European economic context.


  • It is a parliamentary democracy, with political and social stability
  • It only has 2 big party forces, both focused on attracting foreign investment and establishing a business environment secure, stable and open
  • It is a member of the Eurozone and the Schengen area
  • It is a sovereign member of the EU and the Commonwealth
  • It has a modern and diversified economy based on international business
  • It has a stable macroeconomic environment (low unemployment, public deficit and debt control)
  • It has a strong and moderns legal system based on Roman law, but much of the administrative, financial and tax legislation is based on British law
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