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In terms of minerals and other natural resources, such as oil and diamonds, Angola is one of the richest countries in sub-Saharan Africa, with the greatest economic growth rate on the continent today, and one of the fastest growing economies worldwide.

Because of its historic relationship with Angola, Portugal has created specific tax benefits for investments in Angola. These benefits, together with the tax regime of The International Business Centre of Madeira (Madeira IBC), have made Madeira a jurisdiction par excellence for managing investment in Angola.

Malta’s tax regime, on the other hand, offers excellent opportunities for managing international operations, allowing maximization of investment opportunities in both the European Union and other countries, such as Angola.

Learn more about the advantages of Madeira and Malta for investing in Angola and see how to maximize your operations through these jurisdictions. If you feel this opportunity is worth exploring, contact us so that we can discuss in greater detail how we can apply these benefits specifically to your company.


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