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Companies with their headquarters in Malta must comply with the requirements of the Code of Commercial Companies and maintain their accounts organized in accordance with the IFRS.

The books must be maintained by an accountant.

Maltese legislation also requires accounting documents to be kept at the head office of the company.

All transactions of companies with headquarters in Malta must be correctly reflected in their accounts with original supporting documents.

Our clients must send us all originals of supporting documents: bank statements, invoices, contracts and any other document or information pertaining to any operation carried out, relative to all transactions made by the company, before the deadline for submitting statements.

If we do not receive such documents we will assume that the corresponding activities were not carried out within the period and the respective accounting statements shall be issued and submitted accordingly.

If the aforementioned deadlines are not met or if there are changes that involve corrections of already submitted statements, then our clients shall be subject to heavy fines.

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