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About us

NEWCO is an independent corporate services provider that, under its previous name New Madeira, has been supporting the start-up and management of companies in a competitive tax jurisdiction for over twenty years.

Starting a new business, restructuring your company or expanding into foreign markets all afford opportunities for tax savings that can boost profits by up to 35%. But starting up in a foreign jurisdiction, with all the inherent complexity, also means facing considerable challenges. This is why NEWCO works with its clients’ tax specialists, providing them with all the clear and impartial information needed to make the right investment, guaranteeing the follow-up services essential for running and sustaining the business in the new jurisdiction.

With more than 25 years experience helping companies in this area, you can rely on NEWCO to interpret and organise relevant tax information, overcome barriers and red tape in any jurisdiction, and comply with all accounting, legal and tax regulations, allowing its clients to concentrate on developing their business.

Watch NEWCO's presentation video to learn a little bit more about us.

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