Discover Malta’s advantages for international investments

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Malta continues to be an example within the European Union as far as economic growth is concerned, largely thanks to the country’s ability to attract foreign investment, its conservative banking system and the strength of its regulatory system.

With a modern, diverse economy and a stable macro-economic environment (low unemployment, low public deficit and controlled public debt), a secure, stable and competitive corporate environment, Malta offers clear advantages for investors with international operations:

  • Competitive, flexible tax regime with very low effective tax rates;
  • Exemption from withholding tax when distributing dividends, interest and royalties;
  • One of the most inclusive participation exemptions in the EU;
  • Qualified, bilingual workforce with advanced knowledge in other languages;
  • Highly attractive for overseas personnel;
  • Low operational costs;
  • Strong but flexible and business friendly administrators and regulators.

Download our brochure on Malta to find out more about all these advantages and understand how to they apply to the optimization of international operations in various sectors of activity.

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