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Malta with the second highest public debt reduction in the EU

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Malta was among the European Union (EU) Member States with the highest reductions in public debt between the second and third quarters of 2014, according to data recently published by the Maltese government.

In its information, the Maltese government pointed out that according to the latest Eurostat statistics, Maltese debt fell by an amount equivalent to 2.7% of its GDP. On average, EU Member States debt increased 1.3% and only 9 countries were able to reduce their debt. Cyprus was the Member State that showed the biggest drop (5.1%). Debt levels in Malta are now lower than those of Germany.

Public debt control has been one of the concerns of the Maltese government, as it is well aware of the importance of maintaining a stable macroeconomic environment that supports a development strategy based on attracting foreign investment. Other economic and financial indicators have strengthened Malta’s competitiveness and security in terms of developing international business, as we have pointed out in our guide “The Soundness of Malta’s Economy.

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Double Taxation Treaty between Portugal and Colombia

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According to Notice 2/2015, published in the Government Gazette on the 23rd of January 2015, the necessary formalities were complied with, for implementing the Convention for avoiding Double Taxation between Portugal and Colombia, signed in Bogota on the 30th August 2010.

Under the terms of art. 29 of this Convention, it shall come into force on the 30th of January 2015.

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Portugal and Malta among the best countries to retire

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More and more retirees are seeking paradise on earth where they can enjoy their pension without spending all their savings. According to two surveys recently published by BBC and by International Living, Portugal and Malta are among the countries that best fulfil the desired formula: slow pace, competitive costs, warm climate and low tax rates – without compromising home comforts or quality healthcare.

At NEWCO, we make the most of all the advantages that these two countries offer. Download our brochures and find out more about the benefits that both countries offer not only for your retirement, but also for your investments.

Why Malta

Why Madeira

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