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Portugal climbs 15 positions in the “Global Competitiveness Report 2014 – 2015” ranking

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The World Economic Forum’s “Global Competitiveness Report” assesses the competitiveness of 144 economies and the factors that most contribute to their productivity and prosperity. It is recognised today as the most comprehensive analysis of the competitiveness of the different countries worldwide.

The recently published 2014-2015 report reveals that Portugal has decisively reversed the country´s downward trend in recent years and that there has been a substantial improvement compared to the previous analysis. Portugal is currently in 36th position worldwide (a rise of 15 places compared to the 2013-14 report).

The report said that “the ambitious reform programme the country adopted appears to be paying off as the results are starting to be seen mainly in areas related to the goods market. There is less bureaucracy in Portugal today, and its labour market is more flexible, although much remains to be done. In addition to these improvements, the country can continue to leverage its world class transport infrastructure and highly-qualified workforce. Portugal must not, however, be complacent and must continue to fully implement its reform programme in order to try and resolve some of the persisting macroeconomic concerns caused by the high levels of deficit and government debt; strengthening its financial sector so that credit can begin flowing; further increasing the flexibility of the labour market; and enhancing the quality of education and the capacity for innovation to support the country’s economic transformation.”

Apart from the general classification, Portugal also stands out in indicators such as infrastructure (17%), health and primary education (24%), higher education and training (24%), technological aptitude (26%) and innovation (28%).

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New Brochure: Living in Madeira

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In today’s globalised world, both companies and people can decide where they want to live and do business on the basis of the conditions offered by any given jurisdiction, choosing the one which allows them to manage their resources in the most efficient way.

In the case of businesses, there is no doubt that an optimal choice of location in terms of taxation can have a huge impact on profitability but where actual people are concerned, the decision to move is often more a question of necessity than choice. Today, however, people are becoming more and more objective and demanding when it comes to managing their resources, actively seeking change when they do not get the return they desire and deserve.

Madeira has been the destination of choice for many families from different parts of the world, who have decided that this is where they want to work and live. The archipelago offers a prime geographical location, an exceptional year-round climate, social and political stability, a very safe environment and a highly advantageous tax regime.

Download our brochure “Living in Madeira” and find out all about the advantages of living here, the formalities involved in moving to Portugal and the tax benefits you can have access to.


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