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New Guide: Investments in Angola

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Angola is one of the richest countries in the Sub-Saharan region in respect of minerals and other natural resources, such as oil and diamonds, and has increasingly attracted the interest of foreign investors.

Because of its historic relationship with Angola, Portugal has created specific tax benefits for investments in Angola. These benefits, together with the tax regime of The International Business Centre of Madeira (Madeira IBC), have made Madeira a jurisdiction par excellence for managing investment in Angola.

Advantages are not only related to tax benefits: many people from mainland Portugal and Madeira lived in Angola during colonial times and so is not difficult to find workers with experience in the Angolan market and who maintain close emotional ties with Angola or who were even born there. There is also the fact that Angolan legislation has many points in common with Portuguese legislation.

Download this guide to find out more about these advantages and how to optimize investments in Angola through the International Business Centre of Madeira.

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Webinar recording now available

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Blog_WEBINAR_trad internacional

The recording and slides of our webinar “International Tax Planning for Trading Companies”, hosted today, are now available.

In this webinar, Frederico Gouveia e Silva, Managing Partner of NEWCO, explained the concept of trading, as well as the key factors normally considered when choosing a jurisdiction, namely safety and credibility, transparency, human resources and know how, operational costs, infrastructures and tax regime. Frederico then presented the specific advantages of Madeira and Malta for international trading companies.

Click here to view the webinar recording.

Click here to download the slides.

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    New webinar: International tax planning for trading companies

    In on March 20, 2014 by NEWCO

    Blog_WEBINAR_trad internacional

    Thursday, 27 March 3 pm

    In order to be competitive, an international trading company needs, among other things, easy access to markets, good logistics and communications infrastructures, easy access to qualified labour with international experience, a competitive tax regime and reduced operating costs.

    The Portuguese Island of Madeira and Malta both offer excellent opportunities for establishing and managing international trading companies, thanks to the fact that they are located in the EU, a business environment that fosters foreign investment, quality infrastructure and multilingual and qualified labour, in addition to its extremely attractive tax regime.

    In this next webinar we are going to address the most significant aspects of optimizing international trading operations in these two jurisdictions, namely:

    1.    Trading Concept

    2.    Key Factors:

    • Credibility and security
    • Transparency
    • Human resources and know-how
    • Operating costs and infrastructures
    • Tax regime

    3.    Trading in Madeira

    4.    Trading in Malta

    5.    NEWCO

    Register now.

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      New Guide: Holding companies in Madeira

      In on March 1, 2014 by NEWCO

      holding Madeira

      We have just updated our “Holding Companies in Madeira” guide following changes that have arisen from the recent tax reform in Portugal.

      The 2014 Government Budget (GB) and the reform of the taxation of these companies have brought significant changes that have a great impact on the International Business Centre of Madeira. Thanks to these measures, Madeira holding companies in particular have become an excellent tool in the European Union for managing international shareholdings.

      Holding companies in Madeira benefit from:

      • A new Participation Exemption that is very competitive and broad reaching, applicable to dividends, capital gains and settlement results, without any geographic limitations;
      • Application of the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive with a subsequent exemption on withholding tax on dividends;
      • Exemption from withholding tax on the distribution of dividends for companies residing in the EU, European Economic Area and countries with which Portugal has signed an agreement to avoid double taxation;
      • No withholding tax on royalties, services or interest paid to third parties
      • Economic and legal tax credit for double taxation;
      • Exemption from tax on profits from stable establishments located abroad;
      • Other company income subject to a 5% tax rate;
      • Losses can be carried forward during a period of up to 12 years;
      • Exemption from stamp duty;

      Download our Guide in order to find out more about these advantages.

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