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Why include Malta in your international expansion strategy?

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The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) published its annual report in early May stating that Malta was the European Union country with highest number of new financial institutions in 2012, in addition to having one of the highest growth rates ever in terms of new companies in the various areas of financial and international services.

For anyone who has not kept abreast of the recent economic history of this country, these numbers may not seem very credible given Europe’s overall outlook, especially if we consider that this is a small island region that has not been an E.U. member for more than a decade yet.

It is not by sheer luck that Malta is attracting foreign investors that are concerned with efficient management of their international businesses. Its government is focused on attracting foreign investment and establishing a safe, stable and open business environment. With an extremely competitive tax regime, low operational costs, easy access to European and North-African markets and availability of highly qualified and educated staff, Malta is the ideal jurisdiction to create and manage international businesses in various sectors.

Malta offers foreign investors an extremely competitive and very flexible tax regime, with low effective rates, based on a full taxation system created to avoid double taxation. The full taxation and tax refund system provide very efficient tax-planning opportunities.

Some of the more common structures in Malta are shown below:

  • Trading operations
  • Holding
  • Intellectual property or financing
  • Shipping
  • Financial leasing of yachts and aircrafts
  • Trusts
  • Foundations
  • E-gaming

Please download our Malta brochure to find out more about the advantages of this jurisdiction for foreign investors and discover some of the more interesting opportunities offered by its tax system.

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Newmadeira is now NEWCO

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Newmadeira is now NEWCO and, in addition to Madeira, it is also present in Malta.

NEWCO is a corporate services provider, which has supported for more than two decades the incorporation and management of companies in competitive jurisdictions. We make the complex simple, we make it happen, and we help our clients grow their businesses, maximizing opportunities and minimizing the risks of operating in a new jurisdiction.

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